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Text Reminder


Total Tat Tool sends an automatic, configurable text message to your customers 24 or 48 hours before the appointment to remind them of the appointment. Save time and money and reduce no-shows!

Consent and Release Forms


Total Tat Tool provides a standardized consent form that can be completed electronically. All you need is a tablet or smartphone. Of course, the consent form features your logo and business address.

Keep track of used ink colors


Keep track of which tattoo color you used on which customer (brand, name, LOT number). Select the colors used for the customer from over 2000 colors. A color is not available in the system? No problem, just add it! A very useful help, which will be required by the regulators in the future! With Total Tat Tool you are ready for it!



Your artists are working on a commission basis? Let Total Tat Tool calculate how much commission each artist will receive. You can individually determine a commission rate for each artist. Commissions will be automatically calculated for all services.

Address Management


Collect your clients’ information electronically. Even better, let your clients enter their information themselves. Total Tat Tool enables your clientele to electronically fill out the consent forms. In doing so, the customer’s data is automatically recorded and collected in the address management system. No more annoying copy machines and manual filing of thousands of copies that are almost impossible to reference back to.
All projects that a customer has already completed will be stored in their file. Therefore, you can always keep track of any service provided to the client, open projects, and unpaid invoices.

Project Management


Which project is still missing its consent form, what is the final balance to be paid? No problem! Total Tat Tool gives you all the answers, clearly and in a heartbeat. Add products, notes, pictures, and any other electronic documents to your project to keep all information, reference material, and updated status of a piece all in one place.



Keep track of billed invoices and save money by emailing the invoices to your clients directly through Total Tat Tool. Not only does this help with keeping track of project invoices, but also aides in keeping track of any other inventory, aftercare, jewelry, etc. and the invoices for each product.

Statistics and Analyses


How many sales did you make in a certain period of time? How many sales did a certain artist make? All these questions will be answered within seconds. You can even compare the current year with a previous year! Export analyses, addresses, commission statements, and projects. You own your data!

Product Management


Manage your products, their VAT (sales tax), and commission rates. The stored products can easily be added to a project, and Total Tat Tool will calculate the commissions, taxes, and fees for you.



The innovative “Cockpit” gives you a complete overview of open projects, unpaid invoices, and even client’s upcoming birthdays.